Come and work with us in Gloucester in Three Choirs Festival week

We're looking for Young Volunteers for our Gloucester festival 23-30 July 2016 - and a few days immediately before and after - to help with practical tasks such as setting up venues, moving furniture, selling programmes, staffing car parks, looking after artists and welcoming visitors.

We need friendly, highly motivated and reliable people who will be happy to do whatever task is required of them ... all with a smile! Young Volunteers will need to have good teamwork skills, initiative and the stamina to work long days if required.

Some help will be needed in the days either side of the festival during the preparation and tidying up days. Gloucester Cathedral is the main concert venue but there are also events in Blackfriars, the Guildhall, St Mary de Lode Church, St Peter's Church and St Barnabas, Tuffley.

In return for your hard work any out-of-pocket expenses will be covered. You'll be able to take advantage of any last minute standby tickets and, of course, it will look great on your CV! This would be a valuable experience especially for those interested in arts administration, event management and stage production. The work involved can be demanding, but the long days involve a variety of tasks and enjoyable teamwork, making new friends along the way.

You can find out more HERE and fill in an application form HERE.