Technology - and our new website

Welcome to our new blog! It's where our Chief Executive, Dominic Jewel, gives an inside view of the Festival.

The speed at which technology changes never seems to stop increasing. I remember in a music lesson at the junior department of the Guildhall in the 1980s being told by one teacher - a composer - in what we considered to be one of his wilder flights of fantasy, that in the year 2000s we'd all stop buying CDs (then brand new) and instead have some kind of hi-tech telephone line down which we'd listen to music from an interconnected network of computers. 

Rubbish, we said. CDs are here to stay - and they're wonderful: they never scratch, they never break, and you can get so much music on one side!

Having young children, I've learned to accept that every now and again my favourite CD will be used as a frisbee, smeared with jam, fed to the cat, generally scratched - and worst of all, put back in the wrong box. It's making me an increasingly willing convert to storing my music online instead.

In the three choirs office, we've come to the conclusion that we need to do something similar with our technology. Although there are very few young children in the office, and we're usually too well-behaved to smear things in jam, the benefits of a system where our website and ticketing don't sit on our rickety old computers but run smoothly on the internet, wherever and whenever we want it, are clear.

We've taken this opportunity to tidy up our website and revamp the way our audience buy tickets online. Take a look around: it's fresher, cleaner, and simpler - a bit like a walk in the Alps

And there's much less danger of being eaten by wires. Technology, we're catching you up....


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